What is Babyscripts?

Babyscripts is a virtual care platform that provides you with convenient, engaging, and precise care, directly from your doctor's office to your home. Babyscripts partners directly with your health care provider to bring you educational content, weekly resources, and much more through the Babyscripts mobile app. Additionally, you can monitor your health by tracking your weight and other vital signs right from home, if approved by your provider. 

Why Babyscripts?

Babyscripts provides a unique and personalized approach to prenatal care. While on the program, you will access educational content hand-selected for you by your health care team. Additionally, you may receive the latest in prenatal research, updates about your practice, information on new classes and educational opportunities, and anything your care team would like you to know - all at your fingertips! There are several components to the program depending on your specific prenatal needs:

Prenatal Education

  • Your provider's specific educational content and resources are delivered to you straight through the Babyscripts app. You'll receive weekly tasks and information based on your gestational age, as well as more in-depth resources on common topics like how your baby grows each month, what foods to avoid during pregnancy, information on breastfeeding, and much, much more! 
  • Through the mobile app, you can also track your weight each week, allowing your health care team to monitor your progress in between visits.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • For some patients, your care team may choose to remotely monitor your vitals as part of your prenatal care plan. 
  • If remote monitoring is part of your care plan, you will receive a Mommy Kit (at no cost to you!) which contains a digital blood pressure monitor, and in some cases, a digital weight scale. With these devices, you can take your measurements at home each week and your health care team can monitor your progress and intervene when appropriate with real-time care tailored to your needs.

Mommy Kit

Glucose Monitoring
  • For some patients, your provider may choose to monitor your daily glucose levels. 
  • Through the mobile app, you can track your meals and glucose levels and receive reminders if you forget to enter a reading. Your provider can track your glucose readings in real-time and intervene appropriately if and when necessary.

Provider-Patient Messaging

  • For some patients, your provider may want you to have increased communication with your care team to support you throughout your pregnancy. Our in-app provider-patient messaging gives our patients a direct line of communication to their care team when needed. 
  • This feature is determined by your provider at the start of the program. 

How long does the program last?

Babyscripts is a program that partners with you from your first OB visit through your sixth week postpartum visit. 

Is it true I don't have to pay for Babyscripts?

Yes! The program and Mommy Kit (if eligible) are covered by your provider.    

How do I create an account?

We would love to have you join the Babyscripts family! If you're interested in creating a Babyscripts account, or have questions about the program, talk to your provider at your next visit. Sign-up is easy–your care team will register you for an account at your New OB appointment. Once you are signed up, you will receive a text message and an e-mail with instructions to complete registration. 

If you have additional questions, we'd love to hear from you!

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