How to Select a BP Cuff Size

If your provider has advised you to purchase or obtain your own BP cuff for remote monitoring, it's important to select a BP cuff that fits your arm properly. Using the correct cuff size on a blood pressure monitor is important to ensure the most accurate readings. Many upper arm blood pressure monitors are designed to fit a majority of arm sizes. Here's how to measure your arm, and select a cuff size that fits.

1. Measure your upper arm circumference

  • It’s helpful to have a friend or partner help you with this step. 
  • Wrap a tape measure around your bicep (the middle of your upper arm, between your shoulder and elbow) to determine your arm’s circumference.
  • You can measure your arm’s circumference in centimeters or inches. 

2. Select a cuff size based on your arm circumference

  • Check the specifications of the BP cuff you have or are looking to purchase.
  • Make sure the cuff measurement fits your arm circumference. 
  • For example, if your arm circumference is 10 inches, a cuff that fits arms 9.4” – 14.2” inches would fit you. 

Have questions?

If you have questions about selecting a BP cuff, please reach out to your provider's office, or contact Babyscripts Support at