How to Set Up Your LifeSource BP Monitor

If you were enrolled in the Babyscripts Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring program in late March, early April or anytime after - you may be receiving a Blood Pressure Monitor that looks like this:

Once you receive your BP monitor in the mail, it's important to get it set up right away! Here's how:

1. Remove the BP monitor, cuff, and batteries from the box. 

2. Insert the batteries into the white BP monitor base. 

3. Insert the cuff/sleeve cord into the BP monitor base. 

Look for the little grey square on the left side of the monitor base--that's where you can insert the grey cord to connect the sleeve to the monitor. 

Once the cord is inserted, it should look like this: 

4. You're done! Time to take your first blood pressure reading. 

  • Place the cuff on your upper arm (between your elbow and your shoulder). TIP: Make sure the white arrow on the cuff is facing up towards your face. 
  • Once the cuff is placed snugly on your arm, press the start button to take your reading.
  • For other best practices on how to take your blood pressure at home, click here

5. Once you've taken your BP reading, be sure to enter it in the Babyscripts app under the Blood Pressure section so your provider is kept up-to-date on your health.

If you have any questions or concerns or run into any technical issues, please contact Babyscripts Support at or (844) 692-2297.