What are Triggers?

As part of the Babyscripts program, your provider may have chosen remote monitoring as part of your care plan. If you received a blood pressure monitor when you signed up for Babyscripts, your readings will be monitored through the Babyscripts app and your care team will be alerted if any of your readings are out of range (causing a "trigger").

What exactly is a “Trigger”?

Simply put, a trigger is a high blood pressure reading. If your blood pressure reading is high, or out of normal range, Babyscripts will check in with you and your health care team may be notified. 

What characterizes a high blood pressure reading?

We categorize high blood pressure readings into two types:

  • Elevated triggers are defined by blood pressure readings at or above 140/90 but below 160/100.
  • Critical triggers are defined by blood pressure readings at or above 160/100.
  • Normal blood pressure is generally at or around 120/80. Depending on your unique situation and where you are in your pregnancy, it may be higher or lower. 

If you receive an elevated or critical blood pressure reading while on Babyscripts, you can rest assured your care is in good hands. Learn exactly what you can expect during a trigger event in the article -  What to Expect When One Happens.