FAQs for Your Weight Scale

Received a wireless scale in your Mommy Kit and have questions? Check out our list of commonly-asked-questions from others moms:

How does my scale work?

The scale uses a cellular (GSM) network to transmit your weight readings to the Babyscripts app. 

Is the scale using Wi-Fi?

No, it's using the cellular (GSM) network. This way, you don't have to select a network, enter a password, or anything other than step right on it!

Where should I use my scale?

You can use your scale just about anywhere in the world! We suggest placing it somewhere in your home with strong cellular coverage or signal strength. This could mean your bathroom, living room, or bedroom. 

What is the accuracy of the scale?

The accuracy of the scale is +/- 0.2 lbs. Because the scale is digital, you will need to calibrate the scale the first time you use it by taking three consecutive measurements. 

How do I turn the scale on and off?

The scale will turn on automatically when you step on it and turn off automatically once you are done using it.

How often should I use the scale?

You can use the scale as often as you want! We suggest using your scale at least once a week to keep your care team updated with your progress. 

How can I delete a weight measurement that was recorded in my app?

Please contact Babyscripts Support at support@getbabyscripts.com or (844) 692-2297. We're happy to delete any duplicate or inaccurate weight measurements for you.

I am experiencing problems with my scale. What should I do?

You could be running into a connection error - try these troubleshooting tips. If you'd like additional help, please contact Babyscripts Support at support@getbabyscripts.com at (844) 692-2297.

If you get stuck or have additional questions, we'd love to hear from you!

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