How to Calibrate Your Weight Scale

If you received a wireless scale in your Mommy Kit, you might need to calibrate the scale the first time you use it (and any time you move it from one place to another). If you don't calibrate your scale, you may notice inaccurate or lower than expected readings. This is because your scale is digital and has likely been moving around a bit in shipment. Read the steps below to ensure you receive the most accurate readings.

Calibrating your scale is as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. When calibrating your scale, make sure you're using it on a hard, flat surface. Make sure to avoid carpet, uneven flooring, etc.
  2. To calibrate your scale, take three consecutive weight measurements in a row.
  3. By the third reading, your scale should be reflecting your accurate weight at that point in time. 

Once your scale is calibrated, we suggest using it in the same place each time (and not moving it in between, if possible!).

Need a weight reading deleted from your app?

Please reach out to Babyscripts Support at or (844) 692-2297. We're happy to delete any duplicate or inaccurate weight readings for you!

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